I am addicted to…………

On my roof top watching sun fades away, bird’s flocks, busy roads, bustling people; almost everybody is going home with lots of stories buried in them which took birth in a single day and end with it.  It is late afternoon. Some are happy and some are sad, some succeed some failed, some built some broke but one thing is obvious everyone is on the verge of something, something they concluded from this day and no doubt everybody is tired.

One more day is about to be a memory. This particular time always has strangeness in it, unnamed feelings which are so light and pure like falling snowflakes. Time gets slow, so slow that I can feel every single moment passing away, can hear every single sound of clock when it ticks. As if i am watching my life in a slow motion. Then I feel my self floating away, up into sky like air balloon.

With every sun rise i join again my journey, mind stuffed with uncountable things, unaware of what is going into surroundings. Actually I don’t even want to be aware at that time. And now by the end of it when I feel like I am up, up to carry on. It is the first time I lift my eye towards the endless blue sky filled with kites and birds, towards trees bathed with golden sunlight, careless breeze dancing with eyes closed. I then able to find an empty space for my mind to think what is just mine, only what I like as that I am free absolutely, color every thing I see of my choice as if time is my slave and not I am of it. Beyond all barriersJ.Yes for a moment before its start a moment with a thought hit my mind “Don’t over fantasize it” but I can’t resist as if I am after some missing pieces,  sort of reality pictured in its beauty with a huge  “WHY” why we think reality is always bitter??.

Then I think about my life in a whole single loop and quit observing it in parts, parts with good and bad stickers on it, just like a 90 minutes movie without intermission. Good time shines after bad one and then again we have to suffer bad to pick the good one and there come some chapters of life in-between these two. What if one gets entangle for all his time in a single unit of life. Of course it is to much agonizing.

For me it’s the time of the times, a compelling one always and I am addicted to it which always persuade me to lift up the banner” Everything gonna be fine” good,bad,good,bad  isn’t life but these are unites that makes a life complete and proper.


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