So here is one more story about a man who has received recognition of PLAYER OF MILLENNUM, to him “TIME MAGZINE” has called “ASIAN HERO” of that time, London Metropolitan University has awarded him honorary Doctorate of Philosophy for his unmatched contribution towards sports, on whom Stuart J. Sharp (a Melton based producer), who is famous for telling world the greatest sporting stories, had given a tribute in his film “THE CONQUEROR”.

Krisalis Software Ltd. in 1991 released a video game over him.

Government of Pakistan has awarded him PRIDE OF PERFORMANCE and civil award HILAL-E-IMTAIZ for his untiring achievements in his field.

Yes! I am talking about the Jahangir Khan the youngest ever World Amateur Squash Champion aged just 15-years-old and the youngest World Professional Squash Champion in history at 17.


His fate had decided him as unique squash player when people around him ceased to believe him so, as he had HERNIA problem from the age of 5 , couldn’t speak and listen as normal person and he was so skinny but he himself decided to be a professional squash player when his elder brother TORSAM KHAN, who reached in his career at spot 13 of world ranking, died during a match in Australia due to heart attack at spot.

Torsam Khan was his inspiration and his true friend he also remained as his unofficial coach from childhood when they used to play squash and kept it hidden as their father had disallowed Jahangir not to play because of his heath problems. He had also undergone through surgeries at the age of 8 and 12 .Torsam sudden death turned him upside down. He got determined to fulfill the dreams once his brother had seen.

So there came the true warrior, once started he never turned his back. His father even refused to coach him due to his elder son death but his cousin and also close friend of Torsam, Rehmat Khan, decided to train that sick and physically weak child.

In Jahangir unbeaten reign

  • He won record winning 6 WORLD OPEN squash titles (First at the age of 17)
  • 10 successive record winning BRITISH OPEN.
  • And he was remaining unbeaten for 555 consecutive matches amazing! A longest winning streak ever did by any athlete in the history of sporting world during the span of 5 and half years.

At one stage JHANGIR after winning 5 consecutives world titles lost to Newzealand player Ross Norman but he came back again to win his sixth title of world championship.

Stuart J Sharp talked to Soar Magazine about the story of how the film was made, starting with a chance meeting with Jahangir.

“I first met Jahangir sometime in the 70′s. Purely by chance, I saw him training with Rahmat Khan at the Wembley Squash Centre and was immediately struck with his incredible power and precision. He must have been all of 9 stone wet through and just a teenager. I saw a world champion in the making.

In end , I might have to born several times to write a blog about a sportsman like Jahangir Khan



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