I am surrounded by…..

I found whenever i observed NATURE the most honest thing of this universe except the humans when they behave unnaturally or under influence. Whenever I sad I want to watch the drowning sun I know after this I will be like I have shared my burden with someone else. Whenever I am happy I want to feel the sunlight on skin, the warmth of it has the power to double my happiness as if it understands I am happy now. I want to design things I use to run non other than, in first, but over it for inspirations and if i forget to, Nature itself poke me “look at me I am their to help”. The flowers ,insects, soil, air wood, a child run (how passionately she take up steps), birds, water etc too many to mention.

Rain make me hollow and autumnal color of leaves give me the essence as if I have said goodbye to someone I am too in love. Every time I tried intentionally or unintentionally it did and now i am familiar and use to it. Hence I am not amazed now that how people quickly inspired by it and produce the master piece “DEFFODILS”. Its full of energy or I should say I am surrounded by energy waiting for me to share my part with me.

No offence my friends, my dearest, nearest but its the truth every one has to leave ,to make separate way one day and its inevitable. But It is the only thing I believe the most. It never deceived me never broken my trust, it took me years to understand and build on it and really it never left me helpless. It always there to help, give me some space to share, urge me to see one more dream and understanding of my self and problems I face for the betterment.

when I were child I used to took swings from trees branches, I broke and made things, dirty my hands & clothes in mud, didn’t cared who was eyeing on me, lay on grass as if it my bed, use to ate fruit and sew its seeds so when it would grow up I would say and forbade “look I have grown it up and don’t dare to touch its my piece of greenery, my property”. All my sorrows and joys were use to happen on its peak.

When we be child we are more passionate, more creative, more sensitive, more natural and more artistic. So childrens are the purest form of human being.  Sometimes it rings clearly in my mind that i remember everything but only one thing forget that

                                    “NATURE IS ART AND I AM NATURE”


2 thoughts on “I am surrounded by…..

  1. Very nice Bilal. My wishes to you. You love the nature so much. I appreciate the way you explain everything deeply. You live every single thing in the world. Thats the way one should live. I am inspired. Thank you. Great start. All the very best to you for a wonderful future.

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