Under the Sun

When it was asked ” why this life is so bitter in its taste and painful most of the time?”

Then the answer came” So the concept or thought of leaving this world  would not be more painful to you or you may get too fond of thought “it is  your  last stop which it is not actually”.

and when it was again asked” why treasures sit at the heart of the mountains , laying unmapped beneath  the surface, sleep into the depths of the oceans, its mind boggling and full of mysteries….why? “

” they are waiting for, who has the capability to cut the mountain, has courage to  conquer the sea and the earth and has the hunger to solve the mysteries for truth “THE TRUE FINDER” . And the matter of fact is” People don’t observe things laying in front of them”.

“Give me the piece of advice I want to put in my pocket all my life.”

“Don’t reject anyone’s statement.But you can only excuse this for having this as if it is impossible to bend yourself at the same angle every time with which people are living around us” 


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