Plz!!! don’t use the word CARE.

We,when get happy see world happy. We say sometimes the things we must not in times of distress. But We do ……?…… when we feel nothing. Yes! we don’t even bother to fill  this blank which actually matters more than anything else don’t we?.

Most of  the time in a  day our mind remain cloudy with emotions. One moment we are saying  “for you i will go around the world in 80 days” because we are feeling great but  few moments later we don’t even bring a glass of water for the same person just because we are feeling bad??

So please don’t use overly the word CARE. Its too complex , actually its the only thing  we should  care for. Care is something which must be beyond from your mood , your thoughts, emotion etc. Care doesn’t even pertain to words its a sort of DO things , just like you have a built in power for it, it doesn’t matter whatever your condition is, which removes all  the barriers of mood,emotion blah blah.

Yes! we overuse this word. Look around! you will see. But actually we stop caring for him/her when we start saying this. I know sometimes we have to tell other that we cared for him/her but sorry to say some things are not made for the words. Its not a TELL thing its a REALIZE thing.

Why don’t we realize that care for the pet and care for the human in not the same. You have to omit yourself for the moments, let your lover to make mistake either its your sis, mom or  friend  regardless of the knowledge you know he/she is about to do wrong as she/he  is so keen on doing that thing, you have to walk with him on that dirty roads to the other corners of  it  just because she wants to see what lies on other side and after finding nothing….  ” Hey! don’t lost your smile”.

and after seeing him/her in the weirdo form  you feel more warmth in your heart than ever before. As you accepting oneself as a whole with  good and bad.

Let our beloved to do and say  their things freely. Don’t rain over them your  so called ego filled boundaries by just saying” ITS JUST BECAUSE I CARE FOR YOU” eh!! naa!!

After doing that I don’t think there is a space for the word CARE:)


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