Meeting moments

“You’ve gotta meet the moments in a way that they must serve you to their full stretch. Live in present with a purpose which will set your place in future and also help you to integrate into it. But with keeping an eye on the past and not by living the past so that your … Continue reading Meeting moments

Varied Reality

I was born indifferent, used to see things indifferently. Then a time came when I felt I were not being treated  fair by all of them around me. Anger arose and self destruction started. With the passage of  time this feeling became steady, I got use to this. A moment of realization came when I … Continue reading Varied Reality

I am Earth

I am the earth I revolve around the sun When I move, see things moving Difference between day and night just belongs to me It is my thing Reaping sorrow or reaping joy,  all depend on me And the sun……. Sun is always there standing still and shining, Standing strong and stagnant Taking utmost care … Continue reading I am Earth

Holy Defeat.

I saw it I did scare that evil ! I tried to run but I followed by and got down.   In fear and hate from head to toe of course an act un-genuinley I mesmerized not to unravel the mystery but to get rid myself because its no me because its was derivative.   I … Continue reading Holy Defeat.

Under the Sun

When it was asked ” why this life is so bitter in its taste and painful most of the time?” Then the answer came” So the concept or thought of leaving this world  would not be more painful to you or you may get too fond of thought “it is  your  last stop which it is not actually”. and … Continue reading Under the Sun