What to Keep and What to Forget

I am a great fan of power a man has to filter things which revolve around us every single day. He put aside what he likes and leaves what he doesn’t. So this quality tells about a man’s certain likes and dislikes towards a thing. Ultimately define and give clues about his personality. This sense makes a human different from others. A few days ago I was watching a movie in which a little girl had to leave her beloved house in haste with her mother due to some inevitable reasons. Her home, she with her mother decorated in manner they both love to see.

Due some inevitable reasons they had to leave their beloved home. And what 8 years girl did she just took a satchel and filled it with only a drawing book, color box, paintings, a teddy bear and a camera among all those stuff her room was decorated with. How well

she knew about herself what she wanted, didn’t even hesitated for a single moment to review the list

And what I saw when she grew up she become an artist that is what I am talking about how this power to filter thing can shape your personality. It directly related to your decision making power.

First a person must create a communication connection with himself. Think about him for few minutes every day any time he like it’s a break from everything. Quit thinking that he doesn’t have time. Pull out brain from hasty hell. Observation becomes difficult when someone hit by the thought ‘time is running out’ .it shows you don’t have confidence in what you are doing you are encircled by fear of maybe or maybe not type.

Power to filter thing is key source to be happy it removes additional worries and directly influence man decisiveness. What people do they either try to grab whole stuff or just leave all in times of desperation. It especially removes the fear of maybe or maybe not kind.



I don’t know completely why God Has put fear naturally into human being and it’s the only thing I know about the origin of it. Fear urges man to strive in a way other than the usual one while remaining in its balance state, the only thing I know about as its pros, otherwise it is in a nasty habit to play with man’s insight. This word spell with F.E.A.R is a hell of thing that easily mesmerize with what you see, what you listen.

So question is why and when oneself get underneath it?

While living, everybody got to do something, something to carry on and we know human being has got a kind of experimental nature. Keeping this factor probability of success is one out of ten. But the voices around us aren’t big fan of change, which is consequences of experiments, instead they try to pursue us to choose the traditional and formal ways which to them are directly lead to success. That would be lead to success, I don’t argue but one thing they don’t believe that actually if and only if oneself is a living thing failure is more important, mistakes are like breath to wisdom, readings of scientist, experience of a common man that make him proper afterwards. Its like the ammo of a warrior and how can be someone called a warrior without ammo. Every body has to create his own world, must carved his own shortcuts no matter they lead to what. Matter of fact, human can’t go against its nature, no experiments, no curiosity, no nothing etc to sabotage his exclusive world.

But the story is surprisingly different music around guides us about the perils ,snares and wickedly nature of being different, natural, exclusive, experimental or summing it up in one word “For Being Creative”. Airing our fear they promote it from our pet to deadly enemy. A man standing at this edge won’t be able to know what is lying on the other side until he is told by others but in this telling there might be possibility of missing an honest to goodness element and it is happened. And we know fear of unseen causes more suffering than what a thing might cause actually. Thats the point when someone become indifferent between what he says and what he listen from context, determination cracks, gap increases between he and himself and fear of failure almost bends his thoughts to play an anti-hero or average sort of role. Now victim is facing two-some fear one from inside, fear of failure, who is being rooted and other of outside criticism and rejection of people. There is neither any guarantee of success nor failure then why not carving out own map before journey takes a start.

To me just listening and following others is an implied slavery .God Has given us life with freedom. I believe He likes to take it back as given.

We love “TAGS” and not the “HUMAN”

I did my best to notice that why people like one human or hate and prefer one to another. I  look almost everywhere for a reasonable answer but didn’t  get satisfy.  As far as i got people prefer “TAGS” which a human being bear over his chest. Tags i-e “intelligent, beautiful, rich,” oh he has 1 millions followers on twitter”, punk, freaky, poor, loser, dumb etc. Nobody even try just little to overlook these so called tags to observe a human behind these illusions. These tags people have adopted as scale for human measurement and that is pity .My hands get cold when somebody introduce others to me or me to others.

“Hey meet this he is a CEO of ETC, doctor, astronaut”

“Look bilal here going the biggest loser of music world”,

“Meet him he got most As in A-level”

“Stay away from this freak”

Isn’t  it enough he is human being. He has human magic (a heart to feel, a brain to imagine, two beautiful eyes to dream).God has given him time to observe this world in his own way. Life is not like face book to tag anyone in any thing. Perhaps we have destroyed that way which leads to man’s inside human, living anonymously because people are so much busy in search of tags which he is granted through others. This way hasn’t got much of length so give a little try to walk over it. A number of people which has been gotten lost will surely find a way. When life took its journey I know we made progress well, learned a lot but we forgot these little things that can make this world maybe not perfect but better.